Are you passionate about computer science and eager to challenge yourself? The CubeSat Team has the perfect challenge for you: CubeTech!

In collaboration with Leva, we offer a unique opportunity for university students with a passion for computer science and electronics to participate in a Hackathon!

We present you with a group challenge that will span three days, from Friday to Sunday, allowing you to develop practical skills in the field of space environment and orbit attitude dynamics. If you are alone and don’t have a group to join, don’t worry! Fill out the form, and if there are enough lone wolves like you, a group will be created!

Secure your spot as soon as possible to ensure participation and benefit from bonuses and assistance during the event – the first subscribers will receive exclusive bonuses that will not be available to other teams. Build connections with an industry expert and your peers, enhancing your soft skills.

Join us and dive into the thrilling world of space simulation with the CubeSat Team!

· Improve your practical skills

· Connect with an industry expert and your peers

· Obtain a participation certificate to enrich your resume and your office wall

· Win an incredible prize

· Join a community of space enthusiasts

The event will commence on the morning of November 24 at Leva headquarters at Via Vincenzo Gioberti, 18, and conclude on the Sunday evening with the final award ceremony.

The hackathon incurs no costs except for a security deposit that will be refunded at the end of the event. The first day will feature an introduction to the event theme followed by technical insights.

Register to this link filling out the form, we’ll be glad to have you!

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