Do you want to join us? We are looking forward to meeting you! 

Our recruitment season is open! 
That is what you need to do to get involved: 

  1. Follow us on our social media, so that you can always be updated about our activities and future recruitments. 
  2. Attend our Kick-Off Team Presentation: we will talk about our projects and open positions, and you will have the chance to meet the team. This meeting will be held on December the 6th, at 18:00, in classroom 15, Sede Centrale. Don’t miss it! 
  3. You have to answer a questionnaire about your background and aspirations. The deadline is January the 1st at 23:59. You can find the questionnaire here: 
  4. Wait for us to come back to you! We will read your responses carefully. Those who pass this first selection will be called to have an interview. You will receive more detailed information later on, but approximately interviews will be held around mid-January. 
  5. If you are selected after the interview, you will join our team as a trainee. The training lasts about one month and serves to get you started on the activities you will carry on in the team. 
  6. Did you complete your training? Congratulations! You are an effective member of the CubeSat Team Polito. 


You missed the meeting? Don’t worry, this is the presentation, take the informations and sign up!!

Take a look at the open position in our team in order to decide:

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